With the increased exposure and awareness of water quality issues and number of catastrophic natural disasters; availability of clean, safe water became a significant problem.  We set out on a quest to identify solutions to the problem and we quickly learned that all water and water filtration is not equal. While in the process of researching these issues, the impact of water and our health also became a critical factor in our scope.

We believe it is common knowledge that water is an essential element for life. Yet, our water sources have become a dumping ground of pollutants from the ground and air. Waterborne issues ranging from cancer, developmental, neurological, and other lifelong conditions can be reduced or avoided with clean water. Availability of safe, clean water during an emergency is also problematic. Bottled water may not be the best option considering the water source, bacteria contamination, cost, and/or plastic impact on the environment.

We generally do not take an all or nothing position on most situations, but this is not one of them. We found that there are products available to address some issues like biological material, but not heavy metals or vice versa. Seychelle addresses them ALL!


We partnered with Seychelle because of the quality and spectrum of their products. We also aligned with Seychelle because of their impressive history and experience and their alignment to our fundamental philosophies:

                                                 Integrity, Responsibility, and Compassion

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The Team


Joel Johnson-Friendly

Founded Friendly One Solutions to invigorate service delivery and customer care standards.  As he became increasingly disillusioned with the high cost of goods and services, along with the significant decline in customer service quality, he set out to establish a firm to raise the bar and challenge the status quo. With over 30 years of military and private sector experience, he has honed his logistics and supply chain management capabilities to offer best in class solutions to longstanding challenges. by removing the obstacles associated with orchestrating the multitude of activities involved in supply chain and logistics management.  Aside from his lengthy resume, he has developed a keen ability to cultivate positive, mutually beneficial strategic associations across a variety of commercial platforms.

Kathleen Johnson-Friendly

Rounds the service offering scope with a career steeped in technical, program, project, operational, and service management.  She possesses strong capabilities in organizational and operational optimization that serve to reduce overhead and streamline processes and procedures in alignment with the firm’s overall mission and strategy.  She holds a BSBA, in additional to various technical certifications and accreditations that serve to bolster the consulting and service delivery aspects of the company.​


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